Computing Tips & Tricks
by Ted Mirecki

Updated for Windows VISTA and Office 2007

Microsoft Excel

Name splitting: how to transform a list of names formatted as John Smith or Smith, John into separate FirstName, LastName columns. Handles doubled first names (John Quincy Adams).

Microsoft Word

Templates for printing 1/4 page portrait & landscape cards on letter size page - zipped file embedded in a Word doc.

Flowing text: Macro for creating continuous paragraphs from single-line paragraphs.

Graphics in mail-merge data: Inserting different graphics for each record.

Hiding / printing graphics: Need to switch between printing graphic letterhead on plain paper, and reserving blank space on the page for pre-printed letterhead? Here's how.

Foreign Language

Instructions for enabling Windows' built-in foreign language capabilities.
Concentrates on Polish, but applicable to any language.


More Tips Under Contruction