Foreign-Language Proofing Tools for Microsoft Office

Microsoft makes proofing tools available in a variety of languages, but only for the current version of Office. Individual language packs for Office 2007 can be purchased online here:

Besides spell-check, thesaurus and grammar check, each 2007 language pack can optionally display Office menus, dialogs and help in its language - proofing tools for previous versions of Office did not have the capability to change the interface.

Proofing tools for older versions of Office are no longer available.

Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Outlook 2007 can spell-check documents containing text in multiple languages. You can designate the language of selected portions of your document, message or slide, and if corresponding proofing tools are installed, the appropriate dictionary will be used on each portion.

Excel, Access and earlier versions of Outlook can use only one language at a time for spell-checking. You designate one language for the entire document or database. Depending on the version, it may not be possible to set the language before starting the spell-check. In that case, start the spell-check, and when the first spelling error is found, there will be an Options button on the correction dialog, where you will be able to set the dictionary language.