Writing Polish Characters in Windows


Support for Polish characters (and just about every other European language, including non-Roman alphabets like Greek and Cyrillic) has been built into Windows since Windows 98 -- no additional software is necessary. A standard installation of Windows is capable of displaying Polish letters in Web pages and in Office documents prepared by someone else. But if you want to create documents with Polish letters, you must enable the built-in keyboard support.

English-language versions prior to Windows 2000 could display Polish characters only in Web pages and Office documents (Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, Powerpoint slides). Windows 2000 and later can also display Polish letters in system menus, dialogs, .TXT files, and other places outside of documents and pages.

Instructions for enabling language support in each version follow.

Click here for Windows 98/ME
Click here for Windows NT
Click here for Windows 2000
Click here for Windows XP
Click here for Windows Vista